Kids Playing on PC Learns More that Playing on Tablets

Whenever I see my phone on the table, I just couldn’t help but pick it up and look at my different social networking accounts and maybe have a few minutes of playing some of my favorite games. However, my kids would always see me doing this and they somehow were able to do the same thing. Playing on my phone for hours if I’m not using it and sometimes watch videos on you tube as well.

I have an eight and a ten year old kid that loves to play on the computer and gadgets most of the time, maybe they see it from us, the parents, since this is where I usually do my work, or maybe they talk about it with other kids from school as well, that I am not sure of.

While I am sometimes scared of the fact that most children may be doing these stuff too early, as I get to compare it with my younger years, I also wanted to accept the fact that technology plays a big role in our society right now. What I sometimes do is to let them play on the computer as they would have proper posture when seated on the table. Also, the screen of the mobile phones tends to be too close to their faces which make me believe that monitors are better. What they usually play are Minecraft games that lets them think of what they have to do in order to reach the next level and also some educational and puzzle games that may also help them with studies somehow.

I try to minimize their usage on mobile phones and tablets lately, I think that they are becoming too lazy since everything can be done with just the touch of the screen and lately, I’ve seen them do some art painting on the PC which I am really happy about.