How to Play Minecraft For Free

Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games available right now. This amazing building game can be played on a variety of different devices and has a huge amount of mods for making it more challenging or for expanding the type of building that you can do. If you have ever wanted to try out Minecraft for yourself or you would like to try and play for free it is important to consider some of the free options that are available to Minecraft players. While the PC version of Minecraft is usually listed from $20-30 online there are a few ways to play Minecraft for free:

  1. Browser Demo Mode: Minecraft has a demo mode that you can download for free to see if you enjoy it. You can try out the browser demo on the official Minecraft website but you will have to register for an account in order to access it. The browser version of the demo is an older version of the game but it can at least give you a taste of what the game is like.
  2. Download the Demo: The downloadable demo for Minecraft for free features 90 minutes of unrestricted gameplay that you can enjoy on your PC. After 90 minutes in the game however the game will lock and you won’t be able to create anything new. The good news about the downloading demo is that it’s just a few mb and once you uninstall the game you can keep trying the demo.
  3. Play Free Minecraft: The free version of Minecraft ( is available for play without many of the features of the latest version, but it still has all of the single player modes and supports multiplayer. It runs on a Java platform and you can play it with unrestricted access from your browser.
  4. Steal it: There are plenty of torrent and cracked versions of Minecraft available for free play but this isn’t an option you should consider as it could potentially lead to criminal charges. Rather than get a hacked torrent version of Minecraft for free you may want to consider getting the full pocket version. This app full version of Minecraft can be played on your android or iOS device for just $7-8 which is a considerable savings on the full version.