CyberMage: Darklight Awakening

CyberMage is a mystical-magic-meets- high-tech first-person shooter that'll get your mojo workin' - and let you kill bad guys at the same time!

Origin's first-person action-adventure Cybermage: Darklight Awakening thrusts you into a world where high-tech weaponry and powerful magic have combined to give muscle to a terrifying new order of evil-doers that threatens to destroy the world.

You're up against a high- tech wizard that's been dabbling in more than just magic, involving you in a sinister conspiracy. You must storm his fortress, but before you reach this Boss Bad-guy you'll have to

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A Look at Torin's Passage

Leave it to Al Lowe-creator of some of the most entertaining and enduring computer games-to unleash Torin's Passage on the world.

In coming up with this remarkable new game, he has delivered to our CD drives an adventure game with as much intrigue and brain-twisting challenge as any hard-core gamer has ever tackled AND a funny, musically-rich, visual treat that takes gaming to a new level.

Torin's Passage is the story of a young man's encounters in the nested worlds beneath the surface of the planet, Strata. These bizarre lands, replete with flowing hot lava, unworldly creatures, and a host... Read more

Tokyo Show Quiet Too

With Nintendo saving themselves for their own Shoshinkai show, there weren’t many surprises in Tokyo either.

Coming hot on the heels of the Spring Game Show, and in the wake of E3, there were very few ‘first looks’ at the Tokyo Game Show ‘97 Autumn (sic), held in Makuhari Messe exhibition centre at the beginning of September. But there were one hell of a lot of people. 120,000 in fact, with 104 exhibitors, making it the biggest game show in Japan. A few games did, erm, ‘pop up’, however. (Aero Gauge, anyone?) There was a promising-looking golf game from T&E called Augusta Masters 98, 70% complete

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How to Play Minecraft For Free

Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games available right now. This amazing building game can be played on a variety of different devices and has a huge amount of mods for making it more challenging or for expanding the type of building that you can do. If you have ever wanted to try out Minecraft for yourself or you would like to try and play for free it is important to consider some of the free options that are available to Minecraft players. While the PC version of Minecraft is usually listed from $20-30 online there are a few ways to play Minecraft for free:

  1. Browser Demo Mode: Minecraft
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Kids Playing on PC Learns More that Playing on Tablets

Whenever I see my phone on the table, I just couldn’t help but pick it up and look at my different social networking accounts and maybe have a few minutes of playing some of my favorite games. However, my kids would always see me doing this and they somehow were able to do the same thing. Playing on my phone for hours if I’m not using it and sometimes watch videos on you tube as well.

I have an eight and a ten year old kid that loves to play on the computer and gadgets most of the time, maybe they see it from us, the parents, since this is where I usually do my work, or maybe they talk about

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