CyberMage: Darklight Awakening

CyberMage is a mystical-magic-meets- high-tech first-person shooter that'll get your mojo workin' - and let you kill bad guys at the same time!

Origin's first-person action-adventure Cybermage: Darklight Awakening thrusts you into a world where high-tech weaponry and powerful magic have combined to give muscle to a terrifying new order of evil-doers that threatens to destroy the world.

You're up against a high- tech wizard that's been dabbling in more than just magic, involving you in a sinister conspiracy. You must storm his fortress, but before you reach this Boss Bad-guy you'll have to find your own spells and devastating weapons - and of course, blast legions of his ill-tempered toadies. You can even take control of tanks and aircars, which make killing a breeze.

The graphics are great; dark and eerie at times, but very colorful at others - especially when magic spells and weapon blasts fill the air. You'll need a Pentium with 16MB RAM to achieve the highest resolution, but even with 8MB (which lets you play in 320x200 mode) CyberMage looks good. The game even comes with it's own action-packed comic book created by David W. Bradley, which provides depth to the story and your character.