A Look at Torin's Passage

Leave it to Al Lowe-creator of some of the most entertaining and enduring computer games-to unleash Torin's Passage on the world.

In coming up with this remarkable new game, he has delivered to our CD drives an adventure game with as much intrigue and brain-twisting challenge as any hard-core gamer has ever tackled AND a funny, musically-rich, visual treat that takes gaming to a new level.

Torin's Passage is the story of a young man's encounters in the nested worlds beneath the surface of the planet, Strata. These bizarre lands, replete with flowing hot lava, unworldly creatures, and a host of other cunning obstacles, must be traversed if Torin is to reach his goal.

Making matters worse (for Torn, more exciting for you) is a formidable line-up of brain-teasing puzzles at the end of each chapter-all of them, double black diamond challenges.

There is one word to describe the artistry in Torin's: "whoa!" Multi-plane scrolling, spectacular backgrounds, and hand-drawn cell animation add a depth and realism you've never seen in a game before. The sheer talent and imagination of the artists is, by itself, worth the price of admission.

But your eyes aren't the only things that get to dip into the candy box. Torin's also features an original digital music score composed by three-time Oscar winner, Michel Legrand.

There's a pop-up TelePrompTer that lets you replay dialogue to listen for comical clues, plus a 3-D interface with online hints for the less-experienced players. There was, however, one hint missing:

How do you avoid work, eating, chores and sleep so you can play Torin's Passage endlessly?


The subterranean worlds of Torin's Passage provides the setting for a challenging quest with brain-teasing puzzles and humor.