CyberMage: Darklight Awakening

CyberMage is a mystical-magic-meets- high-tech first-person shooter that'll get your mojo workin' - and let you kill bad guys at the same time!

Origin's first-person action-adventure Cybermage: Darklight Awakening thrusts you into a world where high-tech weaponry and powerful magic have combined to give muscle to a terrifying new order of evil-doers that threatens to destroy the world.

You're up against a high- tech wizard that's been dabbling in more than just magic, involving you in a sinister conspiracy. You must storm his fortress, but before you reach this Boss Bad-guy you'll have to find your own spells and devastating weapons - and of course, blast legions of his ill-tempered toadies. You can even take control of tanks and aircars, which make killing a breeze.

The graphics are great; dark and eerie at times, but very colorful at others - especially when magic spells and weapon blasts fill the air. You'll need a Pentium with 16MB RAM to achieve the highest resolution, but even with 8MB (which lets you play in 320x200 mode) CyberMage looks good. The game even comes with it's own action-packed comic book created by David W. Bradley, which provides depth to the story and your character.

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A Look at Torin's Passage

Leave it to Al Lowe-creator of some of the most entertaining and enduring computer games-to unleash Torin's Passage on the world.

In coming up with this remarkable new game, he has delivered to our CD drives an adventure game with as much intrigue and brain-twisting challenge as any hard-core gamer has ever tackled AND a funny, musically-rich, visual treat that takes gaming to a new level.

Torin's Passage is the story of a young man's encounters in the nested worlds beneath the surface of the planet, Strata. These bizarre lands, replete with flowing hot lava, unworldly creatures, and a host of other cunning obstacles, must be traversed if Torin is to reach his goal.

Making matters worse (for Torn, more exciting for you) is a formidable line-up of brain-teasing puzzles at the end of each chapter-all of them, double black diamond challenges.

There is one word to describe the artistry in Torin's: "whoa!" Multi-plane scrolling, spectacular backgrounds, and hand-drawn cell animation add a depth and realism you've never seen in a game before. The sheer talent and imagination of the artists is, by itself, worth the price of admission.

But your eyes aren't the only things that get to dip into the candy box. Torin's also features an original digital music score composed by three-time Oscar winner, Michel Legrand.

There's a pop-up TelePrompTer that lets you replay dialogue to listen for comical clues, plus a 3-D interface with online hints for the less-experienced players. There was, however, one hint missing:

How do you avoid work, eating, chores and sleep so you can play Torin's Passage endlessly?


The subterranean worlds of Torin's Passage provides the setting for a challenging quest with brain-teasing puzzles and humor.

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Classic Car Rentals

When it’s a special occasion, there is nothing like renting a classic car. It will become a memory that will last forever. Classic cars are very popular especially for wedding days, which mean you can easily find classic car rentals and get the car that you always wanted to take on a wedding.

Since there are many classic car rentals out there, you will have plenty of choice. You can find the car you love at amazing low rentals. You can also choose between different colors and match the one according to your wedding’s color scheme.

It is important that you go to a wedding according to your dreams. If you had thought about getting out of a classic muscle car, you should get one. It will help you enjoy the wedding with the fantasy feeling that you always wanted. As a result, you will always remember the event and it will become a special memory down the lane.

Finding your favorite classic car is easy. Just pick classic car rentals of your choice.  Just be sure to book in advance especially if you need the vehicle during the wedding season so that you don’t have a problem getting your favorite ride on your special occasion.

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Tokyo Show Quiet Too

With Nintendo saving themselves for their own Shoshinkai show, there weren’t many surprises in Tokyo either.

Coming hot on the heels of the Spring Game Show, and in the wake of E3, there were very few ‘first looks’ at the Tokyo Game Show ‘97 Autumn (sic), held in Makuhari Messe exhibition centre at the beginning of September. But there were one hell of a lot of people. 120,000 in fact, with 104 exhibitors, making it the biggest game show in Japan. A few games did, erm, ‘pop up’, however. (Aero Gauge, anyone?) There was a promising-looking golf game from T&E called Augusta Masters 98, 70% complete and slated for a December release. And Hudson showed a glimpse of New Japan Pro Wrestling and gave me a go on their Virtual-On clone, Last Legion. Konanii had their tricky but fun Ilyper Olympics in Nagano 64, looking cool in all respects and coming out at a suitably cool Christmas (as are the other games).

Originality, though, was not the name of the game. Show, sorry. Here’s a quick run-down:

Surging forth

Looking good were Ubisoft’s Tonic Trouble on video and Konami’s Hybrid Heaven. Very enticing. Then there was Hudson’s Bomberman 64. I had a quick go in four-player mode, and the ability to harass your opponents as a ‘ghost’ when they’ve supposedly finished you off is an excellent (and infuriating) inclusion.

Hanging back

Top Gear Rally didn’t look exactly dazzling (Nonsense. It’s great. — Ed), and neither did the tongue-vaulting Chameleon Twist, Hudson’s seen-it- all-before Dual Heroes and Konami’s (last) GASP!!. NBA Basketball only marginally challenged my old Mega Drive version, and Imagineer’s Fighting Cup (previously Struggle Hard) beat-’em-up wasn’t drawing huge crowds.

Limping along

Sonic Wings Assault from Video System has been delayed till March 1998. And I can’t say I’m looking forward to ASCII’s Aero Gauge, bringing us shocking pop-up AND fog in a dismal Wipeout clone, and, please God say it ain’t so, Tamagotchi for the N64 from Bandai. Nooool

No show

Nintendo are saving themselves. So, the show presented a very mixed bag. I’ll admit that I left before the ‘companion lady’s costume contest’, so it would be hasty to pass too harsh a judgement. But Top Gear Rally! Heavily promoted by the requisite bevy of babes, and looking very accomplished, with four courses (a jungle track making it one more than MRC), I was ready to be wowed. Not to be, I’m afraid. I won my first race in an unmodified car, taking 1st place on the 3rd lap, and maintaining the lead despite rolling the car onto its side, getting ‘restarted’ by being dropped from a great height where I’d fallen off, and executing a couple of hairy powerslides. Once you’ve passed a car, you never see it again. It was a lonely drive with no sensation of speed, frankly. And to cap it all, the entire game plays more like ice- hockey, with the lightest touch on the analogue stick causing high drama. (Fear not, readers. Spend more time with Top Gear Rally and it turns out to be really good. We’ll explain all in our review of it next month. — Ed) But at least there’s no pop-up. Did I mention Aero Gauge?

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How to Play Minecraft For Free

Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games available right now. This amazing building game can be played on a variety of different devices and has a huge amount of mods for making it more challenging or for expanding the type of building that you can do. If you have ever wanted to try out Minecraft for yourself or you would like to try and play for free it is important to consider some of the free options that are available to Minecraft players. While the PC version of Minecraft is usually listed from $20-30 online there are a few ways to play Minecraft for free:

  1. Browser Demo Mode: Minecraft has a demo mode that you can download for free to see if you enjoy it. You can try out the browser demo on the official Minecraft website but you will have to register for an account in order to access it. The browser version of the demo is an older version of the game but it can at least give you a taste of what the game is like.
  2. Download the Demo: The downloadable demo for Minecraft for free features 90 minutes of unrestricted gameplay that you can enjoy on your PC. After 90 minutes in the game however the game will lock and you won’t be able to create anything new. The good news about the downloading demo is that it’s just a few mb and once you uninstall the game you can keep trying the demo.
  3. Play Free Minecraft: The free version of Minecraft ( is available for play without many of the features of the latest version, but it still has all of the single player modes and supports multiplayer. It runs on a Java platform and you can play it with unrestricted access from your browser.
  4. Steal it: There are plenty of torrent and cracked versions of Minecraft available for free play but this isn’t an option you should consider as it could potentially lead to criminal charges. Rather than get a hacked torrent version of Minecraft for free you may want to consider getting the full pocket version. This app full version of Minecraft can be played on your android or iOS device for just $7-8 which is a considerable savings on the full version.
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Kids Playing on PC Learns More that Playing on Tablets

Whenever I see my phone on the table, I just couldn’t help but pick it up and look at my different social networking accounts and maybe have a few minutes of playing some of my favorite games. However, my kids would always see me doing this and they somehow were able to do the same thing. Playing on my phone for hours if I’m not using it and sometimes watch videos on you tube as well.

I have an eight and a ten year old kid that loves to play on the computer and gadgets most of the time, maybe they see it from us, the parents, since this is where I usually do my work, or maybe they talk about it with other kids from school as well, that I am not sure of.

While I am sometimes scared of the fact that most children may be doing these stuff too early, as I get to compare it with my younger years, I also wanted to accept the fact that technology plays a big role in our society right now. What I sometimes do is to let them play on the computer as they would have proper posture when seated on the table. Also, the screen of the mobile phones tends to be too close to their faces which make me believe that monitors are better. What they usually play are Minecraft games that lets them think of what they have to do in order to reach the next level and also some educational and puzzle games that may also help them with studies somehow.

I try to minimize their usage on mobile phones and tablets lately, I think that they are becoming too lazy since everything can be done with just the touch of the screen and lately, I’ve seen them do some art painting on the PC which I am really happy about.

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